Quality & Simplicity Just Got Better

All Ultra Electronics businesses, including Magicard, conduct an annual strategy review, looking at the next 5 years of business. This is completed by the summer of each year. So, as we enter 2006, it is good to look again at the market and check that the strategy still stands up.

What we are seeing is that the ID card printing market continues to be strong in 2006, with printer volume sales increasing, driven by the growing need for security and personal identification. For us, there are some particular market drivers, which this article expands on.

    * The growing significance of Asian markets.
    * Increased use of Contactless cards.
    * Smaller companies buying ID card printers.


While all markets for ID card printing continue to grow, Asian markets are becoming a larger part of the global picture. This is driven by two main trends; large project business, such as Government projects or mass transit applications; companies of all kinds seeing an increasing need for security and identification.

For Magicard, we are addressing this in a number of ways. The most significant is that we are now manufacturing our Magicard Opera, Tempo, and Alto printers in China. This provides us with a good position from which to increase sales across Asia. These printers are our compact models, designed for https://www.facebook.com/ individual companies to use, and are thus very suitable for use by manufacturing and service companies across Asia.

We are also expanding our sales a complete, printed and encoded card can be immediately issued to the card holder.

Most contactless cards nowadays are flat and can be printed on consistently; however, some cards, particularly those that combine contactless technology with contact chips, can still be difficult to print on every time. This is where reverse-transfer printing comes in, such as is used by the Magicard Prima 2e. Reverse transfer is a technology where the image is printed onto a re-transfer film, which is then laminated onto the card. This has the advantage that virtually any card can be printed onto, irrespective of surface irregularities or material type. The Magicard Prima 2e reverse transfer printer can also be fitted with various contactless encoders for one-stop card issuance.

In summary, the technology to print and encode contactless cards with desktop ID card printers is well established, and users should not be afraid of specifiying contactless cards to enhance the security and user friendliness of their ID cards.


If you look at ID card printers now, you will see a revolution in what you can buy.

    * Printers which are easier to install and use than your office ink-jet.
    * Smaller printers, mechanically less complex and more robust.
    * A very attractive price to buy and https://www.facebook.com/ to run.

This means that even small companies or organisations, as low as 50 or 100 people in size, can now afford their own printer, and that they don’t need to employ experts to operate and support the printer.

An example of a new, no-nonsense design is the Magicard Tempo ID card printer. Compared to printers in the past, the Tempo is a much simpler design. It is only 20 cm each side and weighs just over 3kg, thus making it very portable. If used together with a notebook computer, the Tempo provides a portable printing solution that can be easily taken to branch offices. The Tempo is a hand-fed printer – the user feeds in one card at a time, holding it by the edges to keep it clean. For many applications, https://www.facebook.com/ this is quick and convenient, and even allows for easy double-sided card printing – just flip the card over and print the other side.


So, having re-visited our business strategy with the benefit of the first few months of 2006 behind us, we are confident that the strategy is still the right one.

We have invested in manufacturing in Asia, and in expanding our product range in both the high-end reverse transfer printers like the Magicard Prima 2e and the low-end compact printers like the Magicard Tempo and Alto, we are looking forward to not just a successful 2006 in Asia, but also a successful 2007 to 2010!

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