17 Twitter accounts to follow for Super Bowl 2020

Turn off Facebook showing notification number - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.comNFL The Super Bowl approaches. If you want to read up on the matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers before kickoff, here are a dozen of the best NFL Twitter accounts to follow. They’ll also be useful during the game if you need something to do between Super Bowl commercials.

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 @NFL and @SuperBowl
Let’s start with the obvious: the official NFL and Super Bowl accounts. The prior has better analysis leading up to the game, but check out the latter for in-game highlights and updates. 

Also keep an eye on the hashtags #SuperBowlLIV and #SBLIV during the game.

Which head coach will hoist the Lombardi Trophy? #SBLIV

(presented by @DiGiorno)

— NFL (@NFL) January 29, 2020 @Chiefs and @49ers
Attention: https://www.facebook.com/ Chiefs fans and Niners fans.

Kansas City Miami


— Kansas City Chiefs (@Chiefs) January 27, 2020 @NFLonFox
Lots of team analysis and Super Bowl stories from this year’s Super Bowl broadcast team.

The players who showed up on the biggest stage. Here is every Super Bowl MVP since Super Bowl I! pic.twitter.com/MeyEP44tU9

— FOX Sports: NFL (@NFLonFOX) January 29, 2020 @CBSSports, @espn and @NBCSports
The other NFL broadcasters also have Super Bowl LIV thoughts, news and analysis. (Note: CNET is a division of CBS.)

The last time the @49ers played a Super Bowl in Miami they hoisted the Lombardi pic.twitter.com/FJp8nWrY6V

— NBC Sports (@NBCSports) January 30, 2020 @bykevinclark

Smart analysis in between Slow News Days.

All-new Slow News Day. Incredible guest @getnickwright joins me to talk about the Super Bowl, Mahomes going to the Hall of Fame, gambling and jackets. Watch: pic.twitter.com/fGbQ5qr10v

— Kevin Clark (@bykevinclark) January 29, 2020 @robertmays
My favorite NFL writer and podcaster at The Ringer.

On the first 8 plays of the NFC Championship Game, Kyle Juszczyk lined up in 8 different spots for the Niners’ offense.

I wrote about how a fullback unlocks Kyle Shanahan’s offense — and why calling Juszczyk a fullback doesn’t tell the whole story. website

— Robert Mays (@robertmays) January 28, 2020 @minakimes
Host of the ESPN Daily and The Mina Kimes Show featuring Lenny podcasts. Lenny is her dog.

NEW POD! @SharpFootball returns to help me preview Super Bowl LIV. Discussed:

-Should the Chiefs pass even MORE?
-Will SF’s defense change their tendencies?
-Can Jimmy G shred the KC LBs with play action?
-Who is Lenny picking?

Subscribe + review here: website pic.twitter.com/ABGxHijveA

— Mina Kimes (@minakimes) January 28, 2020 @billbarnwell
ESPN’s best writer at explaining how football works.

An example of how the 49ers use motion and misdirection. Kittle comes across formation. Juszczyk follows him at the last second to feign run right … and then it’s an end-around to the left. Watch Juszczyk pretend to cut Za’darius Smith, who isn’t looking in the right direction. pic.twitter.com/McXNOMW76G

— Bill Barnwell (@billbarnwell) January 29, 2020 @Andy_Benoit
Football writer turned film nerd. I love his living-room videos where he breaks down matchups and plays.

One key offensive tactic that Robert Saleh and his men must be ready for https://www.facebook.com/ when facing Kansas City. #SBLIV #ChiefsKingdom #GoNiners pic.twitter.com/ksaJEBslhT

— Andy Benoit (@Andy_Benoit) January 29, 2020 @theMMQB
Previously the Sports Illustrated domain of Peter King, the Monday Morning Quarterback column is still alive and kicking.

For 14 seasons, Andy Reid wore green as the Eagles’ head coach. Now, he’s on the cusp of his biggest career achievement wearing … red, yellow and white. @MitchGoldich asked a panel of Eagles fans if they are rooting for Andy in the Super Bowl website

— The MMQB (@theMMQB) January 29, 2020 @peter_king
Peter King is still Peter King but doing so at NBC Sports with his Football Morning in America column.

In today’s FMIA column at @NBCSports, you’ll find:

—Kobe’s favorite book surprised an NFL team
—Andy Reid, Hollywood meatball gatekeeper
—Kyle Shanahan, smart as they come
—Dean Pees, 47 years of work, never fired
—HOF talk on Eli, Polamalu, more

Read: website pic.twitter.com/SAiYexsfoP

— Peter King (@peter_king) January 27, 2020 @JLo and @shakira
Ladies and gentlemen, your halftime entertainment.

Waiting for my cue like … Only days until #SuperBowlLIV! ✨ The countdown is on. Are you ready? #PepsiHalftime #SBLIV pic.twitter.com/hxeScXnAty

— Jennifer Lopez (@JLo) January 23, 2020 Now playing: Watch this: The latest TV tech comes to Super Bowl 2020 (The Daily… 9:47 See also

How to watch Chiefs vs. 49ers in Super Bowl 2020

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CBS Sports coverage of Super Bowl LIV

See CNET’s full coverage
Super Bowl 2020
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